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Boulder, Colorado

Design new homes and remodels by listening to our clients needs. We create comfortable living and working spaces that will last generations while minimizing environmental impact. Our projects complement the beauty of the natural surroundings through the use of sustainable design elements, renewable materials and highly skilled craftspeople. We work cohesively with architects, engineers, designers and you to create a home or business that fits your lifestyle.

Consult on design, selection and use of green materials, productivity, efficiency and quality of work on all aspects of residential and commercial construction. We will oversee your projects from start to finish and help create an open and productive environment that will save you money and delays. If we are unavailable to develop and build your project in the time parameters needed, we will interview and put together a professional team that shares your vision. We are not bound by any one geographical region and will work with clients throughout the country.

General Contractor who will build using your plans or our plans and create the home that you desire. We will work with you to develop realistic time lines, cost estimates and be available to answer all of your questions. We will keep you informed throughout your project and only hire professional craftspeople who will work with us to achieve your vision.

Holistic approaches to architecture, space design and land analysis can create human connection to the space and environment, most effectively orient your structure(s) to the property, and improve health and well being of living things. Use of Geomantic, Feng Shui, and Sacred Geometry principles are available. See links

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