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If you have the chance to work with Jim Shugart, GRAB IT. You’ll enjoy one of your life’s most successful and satisfying collaborations.

Jim doesn’t just build, he orchestrates a project. The result, for us, is a home so well-attuned to our lives and our sensibilities that we feel we not only dwell within it, we wear it.

Choosing the right contractor is the most important decision you’ll make for your project. Curtis and I could go on and on about what makes Jim the right choice. We’d be delighted to speak with you in detail about our experience. Jim has our contact information. We look forward to talking to you. – Curtis Spitler, Jr. and Julie Engell

Jim Shugart built an award-winning second home for us in Colorado from the ground up. I was so impressed with his performance that I convinced him to come to the Carmel/Pebble Beach area. While here, he was engaged in the full spectrum of construction and design on homes ranging in value from $2 million to well over $20 million.

I have been in the real estate business for 35 years. I have consistently recommended Jim to my most demanding clients and friends. Here’s why:

- Integrity. He is scrupulously honest.

- He is bright and creative.

- He brought in our projects on time and on budget….no surprises.

- He follows through on all aspects of the project.

- He is a talented designer and craftsman. Our Colorado home is a complex mix of recycled materials and design. Jim did it all. Bill Mitchell, Pebble Beach, California.

Jim Shugart has been involved with renovations of our various homes for well over 17 years. From matching Victorian era architecture dating back to 1855, to designing modern external living structures to our current home, Jim Shugart has consistently provided what they have promised; attention to detail, extraordinary creativity and flexibility with last-minute design changes. We could not recommend them more enthusiastically - Dr. and Mrs. Allen C. Bragdon

Jim Shugart has proven himself to be of utmost character. He is an intelligent, humble and open-minded designer and builder who possesses both honesty and integrity. These are traits not always found in the construction industry. In my 32 years as an electrician/electrical contractor, I have never worked with anyone who better personifies the description of a "Good Guy". To anyone who is interested in utilizing his talents I give my word that you will be more than satisfied. - Dan Rose, Dan Rose Electric Inc

What we most appreciated about working with Jim Shugart (and why we recommended him to others, who were as pleased as we were with their projects):

1. His personal integrity. He did what he said, by when he said he'd do it, or if there were extenuating circumstances, he let us know promptly of any changes in plans. This also applied to costs--they all were as expected and explained up front.

2. His creativity and ability to make things "real" helped us see and feel what he recommended. Therefore, we were completely comfortable (and pleased with) the decisions we made as the project progressed because we were able to "try them on" first. Conversely, Jim also listened to what our goals and dreams were for the project and found ways to realize all of our goals.

3. The subcontractors that Jim hired were outstanding--the best in the area. Prompt, professional, and quality focused. The quality of work that went into our major remodel is something that visitors continue to comment on. And we actually missed them when the work was done. (We lived in the house for the year-long remodel, so it's something to say that we liked having all these workers show up at 6:45 AM every day.)

4. Bottom line: we got what we wanted (including some things that we didn't know we wanted at first but that we now love), by when we wanted it, for around the amount we wanted to spend. And we had a blast doing it. And that’s extraordinary. - Julie Cason, Lisa Crawley

Jim Shugart help me create an open and functional living space that suited me and the existing space perfectly. He is a problem solver with a love of clean design, a pleasure to work with. Kathy Keyes

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